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If not, email me.


Where do I tune in?

POR isn't an on-air station. You gotta have the internet to listen. Since you're reading this on a website, I'm going to assume step one is taken care of. You can listen right here on the site, or on Spreaker



Usually Wednesday nights. Once I get a set schedule I will announce it. I'm non-committal like that. 


Why are you so pissed off?

Why aren't you?


What kind of music do you play?

Underground Punk, Metal and Hardcore. 


What is considered "Underground"?

Bands that are playing tiny clubs and bars. Opening acts. Bands that have to work a job to support their music habit. Bands that aren't ever going to make it in the mainstream, and really don't give a fuck. I'll play some classic stuff, but try to keep it to active bands that are busting their asses. 


Do you accept submissions?

Fuck yeah! Just drop me an email and we'll talk. 


You sure do curse a lot.

That's not a question. 


So your show is uncensored?

For the most part. I won't censor curses or content in music or by guests. But if you're a racist or fascist, don't bother.

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