My name is Ken Kelleher. Back in the 90's I was host of "Hardcore Reality" and "Street Patrol" on WSOUfm while I was a student at Seton Hall.
I have been a fan of heavy music for most of my life, starting with Metal like many of us do, and getting into Hardcore and Punk later on. Growing up in Brooklyn gave me the opportunity to see not only the national touring acts that made their way to L'Amour, CBGB, The Ritz, etc., but also the amazing local acts that were opening for them.
While I was at WSOU, I always felt limited by the censorship and constrained by the rules. Some words couldn't be said and some subjects couldn't be broached. But it was an amazing experience that has always left me wanting more.
I called this Pissed Off Radio because, not only is this generally angry music, but we're all angry at something. I want this to be a forum for you to share what pisses YOU off. This is your show as much as mine. We're going to say what needs to be said.
In the future, I hope to expand Pissed Off Radio into more shows, with more dj's.
I have continued to support underground music by going to shows and buying music over the years. There is so much good stuff out there that needs to be heard, so I'm going to bring it to you.

Bands! Send me your music! Email: pissedoffradio@gmail.com and let me know what your band is about.

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